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Auto Forward Spy Software
Written by Ethan Stromer

Auto Forward Spy Software Review

As the name of software says, Auto Forward Spy Software forwards the information from the target mobile device to user’s device. Auto Forward Spy Software is one of the best spy software for mobiles available in the current market of best mobile spy software. This software is very much helpful for any user who wants to spy other person’s mobile device.

Auto Forward Spy Software


Auto Forward Spy Software gives the user the ability to remotely access the information of another person’s mobile device. These mobile devices may be a device which is running on Android Operating System or iOS (apple) Operating System. This software has some of the common requirements as other applications. It needs a fully working internet connection so that there is a minimum hindrance in the communication between two mobile devices. For better performance users are suggested to use a good Wi-Fi connection.

Auto Forward Spy Software2

Auto Forward Spy Software provides numerous options to a user. Such as, he can get the websites any person have visited, and the messages he has either received or sent from his mobile phone. Furthermore, he can also get the information regarding the contacts another person has and videos and images captured from his device.

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Moreover, this software is very easy and very much convenient for every user to use. The user interface of this mobile has been designed by keeping the requirements of people in view. You get no panic related to installation and working of this application software. This software can be very helpful to parents for monitoring their children. Also, official phones can be monitored by the respective authorities so that department’s devices may not be used for personal purpose.

Auto Forward Spy Software 3



Auto Forward Spy Software Compatibility:

Auto Forward Spy software is compatible with all the devices which either run on

  • Android: Devices like Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, HTC, Sony, Tracfone, StraightTalk, Sanyo and much more!

Auto Forward Compatibility


  • IOS: All Apple devices support this application such as iPhone 6S, 6, 6 Plus, 5, 5s, 5c, 4s, 4, 3g. iPad (all versions). The user will need Apple ID and password of the device targeted. Users are required to enable iCloud backup on targeted Apple Device.

Auto Forward Compatibility

Installation may take a little of our patience, but in the end, you will be satisfied with the services provided by this software.

You can also put your queries to the HELP-DESK number regarding compatibility of your mobile device at 888-254-7957.


Auto Forward Spy Software Features:

  • Text Messages: Are your messages safe? Auto Forward Spy software can send all kind of messages from the targeted device. No matter if target user has deleted them then also they will be received by the user. The software keeps track of the target’s messaging services and forwards them to the user. This service can be very useful when you are trying to protect your business assets or tracking your children.

Text Messages Spy


  • GPS Location: Global Positioning System aka GPS provides the current position of any person in the form of latitude, longitude, and altitude from the sea level. Every mobile device needs to have a GPS embedded in it. Thus if any person wants to know the location of a person, then GPS is a very helpful tool. This application just gets the place of the target device and forwards to the monitoring apparatus. In this way, the site of a person can be easily tracked by this application.

 GPS Location

  • Control Panel: Any software is rated good or bad on the fact that how flexible it is. Now, this flexibility comes from the settings menu and control panel. Monitoring user has a full control of this software because of this flexibility. The user can dynamically access the logs, time triggers, and other advanced settings. Thus regarding agility and flexibility, this application is rated much more than other applications.

 Control Panel

  • E-mail: Mails constitutes of all kind of secrecy. Behavior of any person can be determined by the transactions of his E-mails nowadays. This application has a full and easy access to the incoming and outgoing emails of the target device. By this feature, your child, as well as your business and work, can be saved from exploitation. External agents may be avoided by this application.


  • Call Logs: Auto-forward spy proves to be an excellent tool if you want to get the call records of every minute of the target phone. This application can easily breach the security of target device and get the information about every single call. You can remotely manage the time of trigger of the message forwarding from your device.

 Call Logs

  • Browser History: In the age of internet a man searches the internet for even his little requirements. This shows that every movement and mentality of the target user can easily be inferred by the help of his browsing history. Now after getting the information about the requirements of the target you can deduct his next move.

 Call Logs

  • Media files: Now it is easy for you to have access to the media files which may include the relevant business data. The trespassing of your relevant documents through the target device can be stopped by Auto Forward Spy. Now no file can be accessed by any other person without your permission.
  • Control over the Social Applications: By the help of this application you can have a tight control over the social applications such as WhatsApp messenger. Social applications are mostly the medium through which most of the illegal activities take place. But now it is totally in your control that how you manage the application of target device.

 Other Features: Other features of this applications are:


  • Monitor Running Application
  • Free upgrades
  • Remote locking of targeted device
  • Blocking Application
  • Search Alerts
  • Remotely capture images
  • GPS controlling


How does Auto Forward Spy work?

Auto Forward Spy Tool

Based on your settings Auto Forward Spy collects the every possible information from the target device. After collecting the information, it is received on your device over internet and Wi-Fi.

That is why it is highly recommended Because use either a fast working internet or a good Wi-Fi for using this application on your mobile device.

Auto Forward Spy Software Pricing:

  • Auto Forward- 1 license: 69.99$
  • Extended Download Warranty: 29.99$
  • Premium Support Package: 29.99$

Total Cost of Application= 129.97$

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My Final Words To Auto Forward Spy Software:-

This is also a nice spy tool, but you can get the better option like mSpy, Highster, and FlexiSpy. But If you are looking for a budget spy program, then you can go with Auto Forward. That’s all from Auto forward spy software.

Auto Forward Rating
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