How to Find Someone’s Date of Birth

In today’s world, if you want to find out when someone’s birthday is, all you have to do is go online! You can figure out the person’s bday either using the social network that they love (many sites require new users to indicate their date of birth when registering), specialized birthday lookup sites, Google, public records, and a couple of other methods.

However, it may be quite difficult to do it yourself, and you may need a good guide to succeed. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you how to find out someone’s birthday in no time!

How to trick someone into telling you their birthday

Not all people perfectly remember the birthday dates of their close friends, not to mention their new acquaintances. However, it is believed that forgetting a person’s date of birth is unethical, and this fact may offend them. And the fact that you just can’t recall someone’s date of birth is not an excuse.

But what should you do and how to figure out someone’s birthday? The main thing is to stop worrying because there are a lot of tools for finding out someone’s date of birth with no hassle in a couple of minutes!

In this article, we will check the most popular and easiest ways to find out a person’s date of birth. The first one is social networks, and each of them has its own method to find birthday of someone.

How to find out someone’s birthday with social media

Social networks can be a lot of fun — you can spend days reading someone’s feed and looking at memes and photos. But these sites can also be very useful for those who aren’t very good at remembering special dates, such as the birthdays of their friends and acquaintances!
Let’s figure out how to easily find a person’s birthday on social media!

How to find someone’s birthday on LinkedIn

If you’re wondering how to find birthdays of people you are interested in, then we’ve got you covered! But you should be aware that LinkedIn will notify the other party that you have checked their personal data. Therefore, use this method only when you don’t have any other options.

If a person uses the same network you use, then follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Launch the LinkedIn app and click “My Network”;
  • Step 2. Click “Manage my network” and then choose “Connections”;
  • Step 3. Click on the profile of the person whose birthday you want to find out about;
  • Step 4. Scroll down to their contact header and find their birthday date there.

Sometimes, data on someone’s birthday is not displayed here because some LinkedIn users prefer to hide their personal information.

How to find friend birthday on Facebook

Facebook is one of the best places to find personal information about a friend, family member, or colleague. And here is how to find date of birth of a person on Facebook:

  • Step 1. Launch the Facebook app on your phone or visit the website, then open the profile of the person whose birthday date you would like to know;
  • Step 2. Click or tap “View (user name) information”;
  • Step 3. You should see their date of birth in the Basic Information section.

How to know someone’s birthday on Instagram

You can find out someone’s birthday on Instagram if you look through their photos. To do this, simply visit their profile page and view their posts for the past year.

If you can’t find any photos on their profile (or those photos that are related to their bday), you can try checking a mutual friend’s messages to see some evidence of birthday celebrations.

This is how to find someone’s birthday on Instagram; note that you will need to follow this person to be able to access their messages.

How to find someone with a birthdate on Twitter

Although users can specify their birthday in the settings, there is no reminder function for those who follow that person.

You can find out the desired data on Twitter by simply going to the user’s profile on the left of the top of the page, where their personal data is posted. However, you can see someone’s date of birth only if the person has indicated it there, and also if they allowed it to be displayed for other users (all of them, subscribers, and/or followers).

If this doesn’t work and you’re still wondering how can I find out someone’s birthday on Twitter, then there’s another way to do that — just look through their posts. If a person indicates his or her birthday date in the settings and posts something on that day, then a neon balloon will appear in the post.

Another way to find it out is to look through the person’s entire feed, where you can find some mentions about their bday.

How to find birthdays on Snapchat

On Snapchat, you can also find out a friend’s date of birth, but only on the day it happened, but the birthday month is available at any time. Follow these simple steps to reach your goal:

  • Step 1. Launch Snapchat and then swipe left to open the chat list;
  • Step 2. Find the person whose birthday you want to know;
  • Step 3. If it’s their birthday, you should see a cake icon next to their name.

If you’re not sure which month their birthday is, then follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Open the Snapchat profile of the friend, colleague, or family member whose birthday you are trying to find out;
Step 2. Then just swipe up from their birth date to the “Charms” section, where you will see their birth month.

  • Step 1. Open the Snapchat profile of the friend, colleague, or family member whose birthday you are trying to find out;
  • Step 2. Then just swipe up from their birth date to the “Charms” section, where you will see their birth month.

How to know someone’s birthday on WhatsApp

How to find out when someones birthday is, if they’re on WhatsApp? You can use one of the following methods:

  • Method 1: Check their WhatsApp status updates. You can only see the updates of the person you are friends with. Also, you can check your mutual friends as they could publish mentions with captions about his or her birthday in their status.
  • Method 2: Check their “About”. Some people mention their bday date in this section. Therefore, checking this information may help you!
How to Find Someone’s Date of Birth

Birthday Lookup Sites

There are sites that allow you to quickly and easily find someone’s bday. These platforms contain a variety of public information about the citizens and can provide data by name and phone number.

One of the most popular people search tools in the U.S., TruthFinder was established in 2015 and helps people to find their old friends, reconnect with family, look for online dates, and learn more about the people that live nearby. You can easily find someone’s bio details, contacts, social media accounts, employment history, traffic records, associates, roommates, and even exes here!

Depending on the site membership you choose, you can try different methods depending on what you need most. You can search people by their name, address, number, and email. It really searches deeper than Google! Also, the website provides clear reports on your searches.

Reverse Phone Lookup is another interesting website’s feature: using it, you can learn more about the mystery phone numbers you get calls or messages from. The reports may include their photos, social profiles, and potential people they may know.

This is probably the easiest tool to search for information about anyone or even yourself.

This service is not only global and easy to use but also quite reliable. Today, hundreds of thousands of Americans use it to find their loved ones, friends, and acquaintances. You can easily find any information about someone here; you can even find out if your neighbor or new acquaintance has a criminal record! Also, at any time, you can check any seller before paying them.

“CheckPeople” tools allow you to search for information about a person by knowing only their first and last name. But if he or she has a common first and last name, then it’s a good idea to find some additional information about them to get the most accurate search results.

Wondering how to find out someone’s birthday without asking them? Then, PeopleLooker is another platform that can help you with that!

Here you can find any information about a person such as their address, phone numbers, information about their relatives and friends, real estate and transactions, professional information, and even their criminal record.

The site will help you search for a person by their name, current or previous address, phone number, age, social media profile, photos, etc.

A clear advantage of PeopleLooker is the high data accuracy and search speed (you will get the initial result in a couple of minutes), as well as constantly updated databases. If you recently searched for information about a person and haven’t succeeded, then the site will send you a report when that information arrives!

How to know someone’s birthday online

Today, Internet access is the only thing you may need to find information about a person’s date of birth. You can use social networks or special sites to find information about people.

However, this is not all! If you were unlucky, try searching on Google, Public Records, perform a background check, or just search for someone’s birthday by their email. Now we will tell you how to do it.

Google knows everything about everyone – and we all know it as well. And when you search for something, the first place you will check is this search engine. This system is the most powerful to date, and it processes more than 9 billion requests daily.

Needless to say, it can help you find the date of birth of the person you’re looking for! As in any other case, the more details you provide, the better: try indicating someone’s first and last name, address, and phone number. The search engine will instantly provide you with all the data it can find, up to mentions of a person on websites, forums, and social networks.

Search Public Records

Public Records is another perfect place where you can search for someone’s date of birth. These records are available in many states, this information is publicly available, and you can get it right away.

Some of these platforms allow users to search by name, address, phone number, or social security number. If you have difficulties with searching online, you can visit an office in your area and ask the staff to help you.

Background Check

If you really want to know someone’s date of birth, then you can use another method — a background check. This service is provided by specialized sites, and, most often, they are paid. However, they provide really ample opportunities to find the information you need; but be prepared that you won’t get results instantly.

It’s a great way to find what you need when other ways like social media or Google can’t help you.

By Email

If the person you’re looking for uses Android, then they should have a Gmail account. If you know their email address, then do the following:

  • Find the person’s Gmail account;
  • Add them to your contacts (this will happen automatically when you send them a message);
  • If you have this person’s phone number, sync it with Google Calendar. Add a Gmail ID to that person’s phone number in your contact list and sync your Google calendar with your own calendar app.
  • Access the calendar app. Open it on your phone and check what information has been updated and whether new people’s birthdays have been added to your calendar.

Find out someone’s birthday for free!

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to find out someone’s birthday date without asking them. Maybe you just want to give someone a nice surprise and congratulate them, or sign them up to get some cool stuff from your favorite online store?

Or maybe you just forgot your friend’s date of birth and you’re uncomfortable asking them about it directly?

Whatever your intentions, today you have a variety of ways to do it! Use Google, popular social networks, Public Records, and pay special attention to the Birthday Lookup Sites that have proven to be the fastest and most reliable way to find out anyones birthday!

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