How to Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password in 2024

While Apple takes the security of its devices very seriously and fixes any vulnerabilities very quickly, you can easily track the device by syncing data on it with iCloud and then logging in with an Apple ID to view all the data that you need.

But even if you don’t know someone else’s Apple ID and password, you can still spy on that phone using modern spy apps. They allow you to track many different types of data, including call logs, social networking applications, messages, images on the device, real-time location, web browser history (including the time spent on the site) and even more!

Let’s find out how to easily spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password!

Can someone spy on iPhone?

This may come as a surprise to any Apple fan who believes the iPhone is immune to hacking and tracking. However, it is true and anyone can use a spy app for iPhone without iCloud credentials! There are two ways to do this:

  • Contact a professional hacker;
  • Use advanced spy apps.

Not everyone has hacker friends who can help to track someone’s phone, but everyone can use multifunctional spyware and get a guaranteed result! These programs can track every activity on the target iPhone after a simple setup. There are dozens of such apps on the market, and they mostly differ in terms of features and price plans.

Here, we have selected for you the top applications that are distinguished by a variety of unique features, reliability, and loyal pricing policy.

Reasons to Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password

Everyone has their own reasons for spying on someone’s phone, but everyone, without exception, needs the most effective means to get data from someone else’s device!

Spy apps can be useful in the following cases:

  • While spying on your unfaithful spouse;
  • When monitoring your children’s activity to ensure their safety;
  • When monitoring the activities of your company employees.

Parental Control

Such applications are indispensable tools for parents who are worried about the safety of their kids and want to track the exact location of the child, receive notifications when children leave the permitted geographic areas, monitor the sites visited (filter these sites and block inappropriate sites) and the time spent on certain sites, social networks, and the Internet in general.

Cheating Partner

Spyware can help you out in difficult times when you suspect your soulmate is cheating. You will be able to record telephone conversations and the phone’s surroundings, read incoming and outgoing SMS (including those that were deleted immediately after receiving them) and chats in instant messengers and social networks, track a person’s comments on dating sites and forums, etc.

Employee Monitoring

Spy applications can come in handy when owners and directors of companies want to make sure that their employees are at their workplaces fulfilling their duties and using internal corporate data correctly to prevent corporate espionage.

How to Spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password in 2023

Best way to spy on iPhone without Apple ID and Password

Tracking a lost iPhone is not a difficult task, thanks to hundreds of iOS tracking apps. And today you can spy on iPhone without iCloud password.

Also, you can use applications such as “Find My” to spy on Apple devices.

How spy on iPhone without having the phone

Apple’s “Find My” app helps you easily spy on iPhone without Apple ID or Jailbreak.

How to set up the application:

  • Allow determining the location of the smartphone you want to track (“Settings”> “Privacy”> “Location Services”> “Enable”);
  • Launch the “Find My” app, tap on “Me” (it has the iCloud profile icon), and turn on the “Share location” slider. Make sure the checkbox next to the active device is checked;
  • Swipe down from top to bottom and make sure the “AirDrop” feature is active (in the settings, allow the “For Everyone” sharing option). Click “Finish” and select “Add”. Now, allow access to geolocation tracking using the “AirDrop” feature or via an email request;
  • A confirmation of the request will immediately appear on your device — agree with tracking, but refuse to send your own geolocation;
  • By clicking on the contact icon on the map, you can set notifications when he or she arrives at a specific address.

How can I spy on iPhone with just the number?

When a user shares their location with you, you can use the Find My app to view their location on a map:

  • Tap “People” at the bottom of the screen, then tap the name of the user whose location you want to track;
  • If the user’s location is available, it will appear on the map and you can see where he/she is. If the location is not available, you will see “Location not found” below the user’s name;
  • If you are not on the user’s friends list, you will see “Can see your location” below the user’s name. You can send a request to view their location.
  • This is how to spy on an iPhone without iCloud credentials — you can try it out anytime you want!

How to select the Best iPhone Spy Apps?

Wondering how to track an iPhone without Apple ID & password? In this section, you’ll find the Top-3 spy apps, carefully selected according to their effectiveness and affordability.

After reading it, you will be able to decide which program best suits your purposes.




  • Accessing direct messages and chats in instant messengers and social networks;
  • Accessing the contact list;
  • Taking screenshots;
  • Viewing call log;
  • Viewing lists of installed applications;
  • Accessing the gallery;
  • Determining the location at any time;
  • Checking the calendar;
  • Setting the “Security Zone”;
  • Accessing browser history;
  • Tracking activity on Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, and more.

How to use:

  • To use this iPhone spy app without iCloud credentials, create your CocoSpy account on the official website and purchase the plan that best suits your needs. Then, you will receive an email with access to your control panel;
  • Select the operating system of the monitored phone, then click “Start”. When you launch the toolbar for the first time, it may take a few minutes for the application to synchronize the data received from the other smartphone;
  • To re-sync data, click on the refresh icon. Be aware that if you want to spy on iPhone with just the number no iCloud credentials, but the Android smartphone you want to track is currently turned off or not connected to the Internet, Cocospy will not be able to download the updated data.
  • Wide selection of features;
  • Simple registration process;
  • 24/7 support;
  • Affordable price.
  • No free trial;
  • No call recording feature;
  • Some apps (such as Snapchat) require a jailbreak to access.



  • Listening to calls (recording conversations, call history, VOIP calls, recording the surrounding, wiretapping via Facetime, etc.);
  • Reading SMS (searching for messages using keywords), viewing MMS, and emails. There’s an interesting option, “Dummy SMS”, which allows you to remotely send SMS from a monitored phone to intercept the callback);
  • Reading chats in more than 20 instant messengers and social networks;
  • Determining location;
  • Viewing multimedia on the phone (photo, video, and audio);
  • Controlling the device remotely (recording video with the phone’s camera, rebooting, monitoring the battery level, using SMS commands, etc.);
  • Monitoring Internet activity (visited sites and user bookmarks);
  • Monitoring installed applications (screenshots, contact list, calendar entries, notes);
  • Receiving notifications about SIM change, calls and events (you can set up the app to notify you when the phone you are currently tracking leaves the “safe zone” when it is getting calls from suspicious numbers, or receives messages with the keywords you specified earlier);
  • Full incognito mode (hiding the jailbreak for iPhone owners, removing unmasking features);
  • Keylogger (recording keystrokes in given applications.)

How to use:

  1. Click on the “Download” button on the site header. You can preview the functionality of your personal account through the Demo account. After that, you need to purchase the selected subscription plan;
  2. In the confirmation email, you will find the login information — follow the link;
  3. Select the target device and click “Next”;
  4. Click on the “Cydia” icon that appears;
  5. Then, click “Manage” > “Sources” > “Edit” > “Add”, then enter the download link in the FlexiSPY iPhone field. Click “Add source”;
  6. After the download is complete, click “Return to Cydia”, then click “”;
  7. Now, select “System Core” > “Install” > “Confirm” > “Restart Springboard”;
  8. Enter the activation code in the field (the code is available on the website in your installation wizard that will guide you through the entire installation process), click “OK”;
  9. If the installation was successful, you will see a message. Now, the app that allows you to easily spy on iPhone without iCloud password or access to phone is ready to use!
  • Excellent compatibility with almost all iOS models;
  • A rich selection of advanced features;
  • Hidden mode;
  • Moderate cost compared to many other similar applications.
  • A jailbreak is required to access advanced features;
  • Most of the interesting features are only available in the “Extreme” version.



  • Tracking calls;
  • Reading messages;
  • Monitoring social apps;
  • Viewing media files;
  • Viewing text files;
  • Accessing History & Bookmarks.

How to use:

  1. Sign up and select a subscription plan;
  2. Download the app and install it on the phone you want to track;
  3. Scan the iPhone data with or without Wi-Fi;
  4. Now, you can spy on iPhone with just the number — no iCloud credentials are needed!
  • Easy installation and configuration;
  • Over 20+ unique features for tracking (calls, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.);
  • Tracking even deleted files;
  • No jailbreak is required;
  • 100% safe to use;
  • Syncing data over Wi-Fi;
  • Determining the phone’s location history;
  • Viewing tracked phone’s iCloud data.
  • It is not possible to control multiple devices at the same time.
  • UI/UX of some sections could be better;

How much do spy apps for iPhone cost

The cost of such applications depends on the set of features included in a specific subscription plan. Usually, there are “Basic” plans, “Medium” and “Premium” versions.

Also, some developers offer free trial versions of their applications so that you can get acquainted with all the features and choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Using the top tracking apps listed in this article to help you easily mirror an iPhone to another iPhone without Apple ID. The most affordable option is ClevGuard, with its “Basic” 1-Month plan available at $29.95, and the most expensive one is Cocospy with its “Family” 1-Month license available at $99.99.

Monitor iPhone without iCloud easily!

Modern phone tracking apps can monitor incoming and outgoing phone calls, read SMS and intercept chats in messengers (WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.), use the tracked phone’s microphone to record the surrounding, determine the real-time location and capture photos and videos with the phone’s camera.

These applications are absolutely undetectable, and today, this is the best solution for spying on your soulmate, monitoring your child’s activity and watching your company employees!

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