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TeenSafe spy software is specially developed for the parents. This Software ensures that their teens are all safe and are not getting exploited or bullied by someone. So we are providing the best TeenSafe Review for you. Just check it out and make your mind get it ASAP!!.

Teensafe Review

This spy software provides the monitoring service. By using TeenSafe parents can monitor their teen’s daily activities of their smartphones such as android or iPhone. Parents can monitor their teen’s activities on social media i.e. whatsApp, Kik messenger as well as on the Instagram.

Parents can view their child’s whatsApp, kick and Instagram’s sent, received, and deleted SMS and also messages. The TeenSafe spy software also allows parents to check their child’s text messages and view their contacts stored on their phone.Check Out this Full Teensafe Review To Know Everything about this Spy Program.

Teensafe Review

TeenSafe provides a very good feature of GPS tracking by which parents can locate their child’s location and also his/her history of locations where he/she went to. This feature ensures the safety of the teen’s as the parents can feel free if their child is at the right place. Parents can view their child’s web history because browsing history this is very necessary to monitor what the teen is heading toward as it can be from the ocean of knowledge to the dangerous websites.

But parents cannot view the media attached to the text messages. TeenSafe is a very secure method to monitor your teen’s activities as it employs the industry’s leading SSL and volumetric data encryption that makes your teen’s personal data very secure.

Teensafe Review

TeenSafe is private as it does not view your teen’s data and keeps it between just you and your teen and your teen’s personal data stays encrypted. TeenSafe spy software is the must for the parents who have teens because in the teenage it is very necessary to monitor and keep a track of the child’s activities and when in need parents could help their teen at right time and can support them.

Read the full TeenSafe Review before purchase-

TeenSafe Review | Features

TeenSafe spy software has all the features that good spy software must have. It has all the basic features such as monitoring texts, messengers, location, installed apps, contacts and call logs and web history. But what makes TeenSafe different from other spy software is it does not require to root or jail-broken the android and iPhone respectively.

Check out all the major & minor features of TeenSafe

Text: –

TeenSafe provides this feature by which parents can monitor and view text messages and identity of their sender and receiver. This feature also allows parents to view deleted messages from their teen’s mobile phone. Parents can also see messages.

TeenSafe Feature

Messengers: –

TeenSafe allows parents to monitor their teen’s activities on whatsApp, kick, and Instagram (images, posts, comments and followers) social media messengers.

GPS tracking: –

This feature allows parents to monitor and track the actual location and the locations where their teen went i.e. location history.

TeenSafe Feature

Installed Apps: – Parents can simply view the list of their teen’s installed apps and can block the apps of their choice.

Contacts: – This feature allows parents to view all the contacts stored in their teen’s cell phone device.

Call logs: – This feature allows parents to view the call history (sent and received calls) in their teen’s cell phone device.

TeenSafe Feature

Web history: – Parents can see web search history, web browsing history, and bookmarks.

More features: – Multiple accounts through one subscription.

TeenSafe Feature


  • Offer various features to monitor your teen’s device.
  • Supports multiple devices through just one package (subscription).
  • No requirement of jail-breaking the iPhone or to root the Android device to install TeenSafe spy software to your teen’s device


  • Does not support LiveChat.
  • 24*7 Support unavailable
  • Media blockage(you can’t see the media sent or received from the targeted device but u can only see information and text sent or received by sender or receiver)

Platform Supported:

  • Android( no need to root to install TeenSafe)
  • iPhone (no need to jailbreak to install TeenSafe)
  • iPad (no need to jailbreak to install TeenSafe)

Cost & Plans:

TeenSafe provides a free 7-day trial and after that TeenSafe costs $14.95/month. And you can cancel this anytime.

Where to buy TeenSafe:

As you have read all the feature and pros and cons. Now, it’s time to purchase TeenSafe for your child’s protection. We would suggest you buy the TeenSafe from the official website. Follow the below link to visit the official website of TeenSafe.


TeenSafe Review | Setting up TeenSafe:

It is very easy to setup TeenSafe on your Cell Phone. First of all, you have to do some basic formalities such as your child’s name, Date of birth, Locality/Residence. After this, you can start monitoring your teen’s social media and other activities.

  • For android users, it is very fairly simple to setup TeenSafe via some basic formalities.
  • For iPhone users, the parents must have their child’s apple id and password. iCloud information. And also for accessing social media like Instagram, the parents must have their child id and password.

If parents do not have their iCloud information or any other required information for accessing then they might ask their child for it.

TeenSafe privacy allows teen’s to be monitored by their parents if their parents are paying for their expenses i.e. for cell phone usage. This is taken under a legal law of government.

The parents could tell their children for using TeenSafe spying on them for their privacy concerns. This is to know if the information of child is exploited anyhow and something happens to their teen.

My final words for TeenSafe:

This is nice spy software to protect your child from being bullied or harassed by someone as it provides lots of awesome features and at a very cheap price. The best thing about TeenSafe is that it has multiple account support i.e. parents can monitor more than one child at just single subscription and purchase. If your child uses iPhone/Android then this is the best option for you from all other spy software. So you must check out this TeenSafe spy software and please post a comment below your previous experience with TeenSafe.

TeenSafe Review | Coupon Codes 2016

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Hope you all enjoyed the TeenSafe review.

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