TheOneSpy Review | Coupon Codes 2017

TheOneSpy Review
Written by Ethan Stromer

TheOneSpy Review | Coupon Codes 2017

If you are looking For a powerful and Budget cell phone spy software, then TheOneSpy Maybe made for you. After this TheOneSpy Review, you will know all the features and Pricing details of TheOneSpy App. This Mobile Spy App has all the features that we need to Email, Text, IM chat monitoring. You can also track the location of the target using this app via GPS. TheOneSpy is trying to Make an app that Tracks the target location without using GPS. But if you want to check this Feature then you can check in Mobistealth because it has this Feature Already.

TheOneSpy Review

This is a nice Spy software, but the cons of this App is that it only works with jailbroken iPhone. But if you want to use this for android then this may be a perfect Spy Software for you. Read this full TheOneSpy Review and check out if it suits your need and Pocket. This is not an expensive Cell Phone Monitoring Software.

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TheOneSpy Review provides you about all the features that this Cell Phone Spy app have and Plans and pricing of TheOneSpy. So Check out this whole post and Make your Decision.


Our Recommendations – mSpy and Highster Mobile

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Features of TheOneSpy

Check out all the power packed features of TheOneSpy.

1. Bugging

One of the new feature introduced by TheOneSpy in its Xtreme package. It’s a step advanced to record the voice and sound heard, Capture back and front cam photos remotely.

TheOneSpy Review

2. Tap and Listen their Live Calls

TheOneSpy’s superior app allows you to not only listen to the calls on the targeted phone But also to record them and even intercept them Live.

  • Record Calls
  • Recording Surrounding Sound
  • Listening to surrounding
  • Save over the internet

TheOneSpy Review

3. Read their Text Messages

This is a common feature that every Spy software have. Use TheOneSpy’s app to inspect their text messages. You can read your Target’s Sent and received messages instantly.

TheOneSpy Review

4. Scan their Call Logs

You can check out all the call history of your target’s phone. Even if you missed a call live, you could always browse through their phone’s call log to find out whom they have been calling. You can check out the call summary, Duration and the time of call also.

scan their call logs

5. Track Their Location

Using GPS, TheOneSpy can discover the exact location of your target for you. The tracking feature is especially useful for employers who have deployed their employees on official ventures – Spot their Detours and ensure that Their Professional Journeys stay Professional.

track their location

Tracking the phone is Really a very useful feature for parents to know that where are their kids? They can know if they are in danger area and the area that is restricted by you.

6. Inspect Their Contact List

Now you can check out the Contact list of the Target Phone. You can read the names and all the details that are saved on their contact information.

contact List

7.Check out their Appointments and Reminders

Using TheOneSpy, you can check that where they planned to go. You can check their friends birthday and all other Calendar entries.


 8. Monitor on Multiple Devices Simultaneously

This is one of the best services that TheOneSpy provide because all other Spy software companies provide single device license that means that you can track a single device at a time. But By using TheOneSpy, You will get unlimited device license.

multiple devices

9. Look at their Photo Gallery

This is a very common feature that almost every spy software have. By using this feature, you see all the pics taken from the phone or downloaded from the internet.look at their photo gallery


10. Monitor Device Remotely

TheOneSpy lets you control the target device. You can make a call from target’s Phone or Can SMS to anyone that you want. You can do what you want with the target phone.

monitor device remotely

11. Spy on Social Media

This is the most attractive feature of any spy software because most of the people are using spy software to spy there Kids or Employees. By using TheOneSpy, you can read chat laced with stickers and emotions, view the media exchange over social media and see complete profiles of people in the friend list. Stamped with the date and time of each activity.

TheOneSpy Review

You can spy on Whatsapp, Facebook, line, Viber, Skype and all other instant message services. So you have to do is just buy this software. Check out the full pricing details in this TheOneSpy Review.

TheOneSpy Pricing and Plans

TheOneSpy Review – Plans For Android

It Has three types of Version Lite, XLite, and Premier with a different type of features.

Lite Starts from $18/month

XLite Start From $35/month

Premier Starts From $50/month

TheOneSpy Review – Plans For iPhone/Blackberry

One of the major con of this Spy software iPhone is that you need to jailbreak your iPhone before using this Spy Software. This has 4 types of packages named ‘starter’, ‘Econo’, ‘Pro’ , ‘Lite’.

Lite is charging $ 18 / month

Stater is charging $55 / three months

Econo is charging $99 / 6 Months

Pro is charging $140 / 12 months

TheOneSpy Review – Where to Buy?

As our expert’s thoughts if you are an Android and Blackberry user then this will be a very helpful Spy Software for you But if you are seeking Spy software for iPhone, then you can check out for mSpy and Mobistealth with JailBreak solution for iPhone and iPad.

If you have Android or Jailbroken iPhone or iPad and you are going to Buy TheOneSpy Software, then we suggest you buy this from their Official website. If you want to go to TheOneSpy Software Official website, then follow the below link to avail the discount benefits also.


My Last Words for TheOneSpy Review

This is a very nice Spyware for Android. But if you have an iPhone then you need to jailbreak it before using this spy Software. If you have Jailbroken iPhone or Android, then this will be an excellent Buy For you.

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TheOneSpy Rating
  • TheOneSpy Rating

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